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I have always enjoyed taking and editing photos. It was my sole responsibility to edit and retouch product photography for Amazon’s flash sale site,, where I worked as a graphic designer. My photography blossomed when my daughter Ella was born. I expanded my services when friends started asking me to take pictures of their families and children. I enjoy documenting people's family lives and believe it's very important to take, print and look at photos all throughout your life. Your children grow up so fast, but you can capture amazing memories -- precious slices of life -- in photographs and cherish them forever. 

One of the reasons why I enjoy photographing birth is exactly that feeling -- that you can capture, and freeze, the moment your child enters the world. I'm so honored every time families ask me to document their baby being born. And when all the pushing is finished, and the baby is finally here, and they put the little one on the mother's chest -- I swear it feels as if time has stopped, and all you can feel is just pure joy, excitement and love. I live for those moments and feel blessed when I have the privilege to give this gift to a family. 

After 15 years in NYC, I moved to Berkeley, California last year in search of better quality of life for my family. I go back often tho, as we kept our Brooklyn apartment. I book shoots in the Bay and Tri State area.

If you're interested in learning more about my work or want to schedule a shoot, please contact me at

Photos by Martina Kalinowska @Martinakali